Our Selection Process


Each year, two graduating seniors will be selected as President’s Prize scholars – the highest recognition Ohio State bestows on exceptional students committed to social change. Recipients are selected for the boldness of their ideas, their capacity to champion change and their commitment to the global community.


The recipients receive a $50,000 living stipend and up to $50,000 in funding to implement an innovative project to positively impact a local, national or global community. They will also be able to access an exclusive network of agents for change, expert mentors and the opportunity to share their ideas with Buckeyes around the world.

Read this Ohio State News story about our 2021 recipients.


This Year's Recipients

Food Leads

Christina Allen / Class of 2021

Christina Allen, 2021 President's Prize recipientFood Leads is an initiative focused on nutrition as a central part of treatment for type 2 diabetes patients, as well as promotion of healthy eating to prevent future disease. In partnership with doctors and dietitians, Food Leads will support Black and low-income Columbus residents by delivering healthy foods, recipes, nutritional education, and regular check-ins. The project will bring together residents from all walks of life in Columbus to foster positive health outcomes.



Green Scope Consulting

Dominique Hadad / Class of 2020

Green Scope Consulting will provide consulting services and funding to Columbus restaurants to implement sustainability practices focused on reducing food waste. Through the use of predictive analytics, the project will help prevent unnecessary waste, leverage community resources to rescue waste, and implement innovative strategies to compost necessary waste. This will result in cost-savings for the businesses, benefit the local community, and address effects of climate change.




Information about past recipients is available here.

Key Dates


The application is currently closed. Stay tuned for updates or contact presidentsprize@osu.edu with questions.